Peruri Trust is a platform for end-to-end monitoring of documents so that it can be ensured that the document has not changed and its validity and authenticity are guaranteed. The benefit of the Peruri Trust security product is that it is able to manage all information from a document that is stored and issues until the document is legalized.

Peruri Trust has several security product :

Certificate Authority (Electronic Certificate)

Certificate Authority (Electronic Certificate) is an electronic certificate containing an electronic signature and identity indicating the status of the legal subjects of the parties in an electronic transaction issued by an electronic certification operator so that the validity and authenticity of the electronic documents transacted can be known. This security feature guarantees the confidentially of data or information (confidentially), protects the integrity of the contents of documents and electronic transactions (data integrity), guarantees the authenticity of the contents documents that are verified online to the certification authority (authentification) and has on non-repudiation guarantee.

Track and Trace

Track and Trace is a system for security labels developed by Peruri to find out real time conditions or historical positions to ensure the authenticity of a product or property.

Government Solution

Peruri as a goverment service provides digital security solutions for the goverment and the public.

Document Management

Peruri services in the field of integrated and secure (secure) management of valuable documents to support daily needs.

Here are some Document Management services :

Digital Locker
It is a digital locker that can store and manage valuable documents safely, easily (from the user and access point of view), and can be accessed according to user segmentation (subscribers, issuers and requesters). Digital Locker services include effective and efficient storage, sharing and verification of valuable documents.

Online Guarantee
Online Guarantee is a service platform for making guarantees issued by banks or insurance companies online / electronically by utilizing Peruri Code technology which ensures the authenticity and security of documents for both the issuer and the applicant.

Portal Security Insurance

Portal Security Insurance is a service platform for requesting a letter of guarantee or policy issued by an insurance company online / electronically by utilizing Peruri Code and Peruri Sign technology which ensures the authenticity and security of documents for both the issuer and the applicant.